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Multani Mitti Face Pack with Honey & saffron, 275 ml

Multani Mitti Face Pack with Honey & saffron, 275 ml

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Multani Mitti Lotion is another example of what perfection looks like. Multani Mitti Lotion is a result of Bio-Herbal's years of extensive research, deeply integrated with Ayurveda. 

Ready to use. Straight out of the bottle. Without any hassle or mess. Whenever the need strikes, ST. D’VENCÉ Multani Mitti Lotion is ready to serve you. Also known as Fuller’s earth, it is a mineral-rich clay mask that is gentle on your face, but, at the same time,  removes dead cells from the top layers of your skin and unclogs the pores.

Multani mitti is a great agent to clean, exfoliate and nourish your skin. St. D’vencé Multani lotion has powerful natural properties that cleanses your skin and is the fastest way to lose off acne and pimples. Enriched with highly effective multani powder it adds natural shine to your skin while removing toxins and improving facial complexion.

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