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Ocean Drop With Hydrolyzed Collagen Body Wash (500ml)

Ocean Drop With Hydrolyzed Collagen Body Wash (500ml)

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With the goodness of 100% pure Organic Aloe Vera and Hydrolysed Collagen combined with the freshness of Ocean Drops, St. D’vence brings to you a luxurious shower gel Infused with skin-friendly benefits and anti-inflammatory properties.                                                                                                                             

This body wash promotes healthy and vibrant skin while giving your skin a boost of vitality and freshness. So, pamper your skin and awaken your senses every day with this soothing and refreshing shower gel.                                                                             

This expertly formulated body wash, Blended with the wonder ingredient aloe vera and luminous pearl drops, St. D’vence Ocean Drop with Hydrolyzed Collagen Body Wash is a gentle and nourishing body wash that makes your skin supple and youthful. Hiked collagen helps make your skin refreshed and ultra-nourished by intelligently locking the moisture and dryness. 

St. D’vence Ocean Drop with Hydrolyzed Collagen Body Wash is a luxurious and refreshing body wash enriched with Organic Aloe Vera and Pearl drops that helps retain the lost moisture and thus tapering inflammation and irritation. Vegan Collagen Booster increases the collagen production that strengthens, hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

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