Our Story

How it all began..

In 2018, I went to pursue my master’s degree in London. During my internship period, I was working as a marketing intern at an argan oil company which made me gravitate towards organic range of products.

My work there expanded my knowledge abrasively about the benefits of natural ingredients. It was an eye-opening experience for me that made me realise that I was investing my money in products that were intoxicated and harmful for my skin and body. I have come to firmly believe that there is a strong need to enlighten people about the usage of these natural products and their miscellaneous benefits.

I am always in search of authentic and trustable chemical free products for personal use. I became fond of products obtained from mother nature as I realized how essential they are in today’s age.

This persuaded me to build a platform

* For brands to showcase their commodities.
* For the people to have access to authentic and certified products.

That’s how Orossentials came into existence & has been serving you since February 2020.

Our vision

India is rich in botanical products, but people still incline towards chemical merchandise due to its popularity in the global market.

It is very ironic as western countries are now starting to practice Ayurveda and focusing on the use of natural products whereas us Indians, are transitioning away from our roots towards products that are more extravagant and promoted by models all over the world. We at Orossentials are trying to change this ideology & help people approach the organic way life.


Eventually it is all about what you eat and what you put on yourself that is reflected on your skin and hair.

Though let me warn you it’s no magic wand!!

The results won’t be apparent in just a few days as it involves healing your skin from within. Taking the organic route is a way of life. Therefore, one must persevere in order to see change that is truly remarkable.

Need of the Hour

In 2020, corona virus pandemic ‘WOKE’ the world up, leading to a dramatic shift in the way of thinking and lifestyle all over the world. This revolutionary change made us rethink of our choices and the way they affect us in our lives.


Keeping in mind the need of the hour we have come up with a range of natural and organic products that minimizes the usage of chemical products.

Our objective is to move towards more humane approach by providing essentials from the rare mother earth.


This brought a major change in the mindset of all living beings making us understand, the concept of coexisting instead of exploiting. Our focus has shifted from good wealth to good health of our body, mind and soul.

Therefore, we want to support brands which have an eco-friendly approach and organic way of life.